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Worker’s Compensation


Were you injured on the job? Are you wondering if you are eligible to make a worker’s compensation claim?


Make sure you follow these simple steps when you are injured on the job:


  1. Contact your supervisor and report injury as soon as possible;
  2. Ask your supervisor for a referral to seek appropriate medical treatment;
  3. Make sure to tell your health care provider that your injury is work related and give them your employment information (this will help them properly notate your medical record so there are no questions later);
  4. Make sure to give your employer written notice of your injury as soon as possible (Form 18- we can help you do this); and finally
  5. Follow your health care provider’s orders for medical treatment.



Filing a worker’s comp claim can be a very complex and time-consuming process. The Law Office of Chelly Pennington, PLLC has years of experience in handling worker’s compensation claims. Contact our office to ensure your case gets the personal attention you deserve.

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